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  • 100% non-toxic
  • Passes safety standards for the cosmetic and toy product industries
  • Certified by FDA, USA
  • Don't apply to sensitive skin, around the eyes, or if allergic to adhesive
  • Not recommended for children under the age of 3-5
  • Up to 3-5 days depending on where they are placed and how well you take care of them
  • It also depends heavily on skin type- tattoos tend to last longer on dry and not oily skin
  • Avoid anything oil based near or on your tattoo for longer lasting results
    • Cut out the tattoo of your choice
    • Remove clear film and place tattoo down onto skin
    • Wet the entire back gently with a cloth or sponge, then pat the back for 5-10 seconds
    • Slide the corner of the paper away slowly
    • Be sure not to twist or stretch the skin until the tattoos has had time to settle in (at least 10 mins.)
     Don't worry if it looks like a sticker at first, give it an hour or two to set into the skin for your tattoo/s to look its best.
    • Using a flat cotton pad, soak skin with baby oil, olive oil, or coconut oil for one minute
    • Gently rub off (repeat as necessary)
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